I believe in adopting a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior for the football team you are coaching. I am writing in the parent section of the book so let me explain what I mean be zero tolerance. If you have done what has been suggested, and set the ground rules up front early in the year at the parent meeting, then I do not believe in second chances. There are not a lot of rules and most of them are just common courtesy.

There is no tolerance for any parent to question or UFABET โหลดแอพ complain to you in public. Coaching youth football is a voluntary position and everyone including the parents should respect you. If a parent has a question make sure, you have a way and a time for them to approach you. In a private manner, it is fine to ask any questions they may have, but not in front of an audience.

Please check with your youth football administration regarding your zero tolerance policy and have their approval before the season starts. Most youth football programs will applaud your efforts to keep things under control.

The penalties I have used for noncompliant parents has ranged from suspending them from games, suspending them from our youth football practices and kicking them out of the league. The parents need to realize that this is little kid football and we volunteers are there to give the kids as good of an experience as possible. Thankfully, most parents are aware of this.

Jim has over 22 years of hands-on experience as a youth coach. The system he has used with great sucess for both youth football and youth basketball. His personal teams have won over 80% of their games.