Miami Airport to Miami Beach? Yes, with Twelve Transfers!

Miami Beach is truly one of the most exciting places to be and one you do not want to miss on your bucket list. There are tons and tons of things to do here, no matter what type of tourist you are: you can either catch some crazy waves with friendly locals, relax with a cool beverage on the beach under an umbrella, play some volleyball with your friends or just chill on the soft, golden sand. The Miami area offers more than enough activities to keep you entertained.

But how are you going to get here, where all the fun happens? We’re not talking about the whole trip, of course, but about that happens when the wheels touch the tarmac –  precisely, what happens when you’ve arrived on Miami International Airport. We can only guess what you have in mind, but we highly recommend choosing an airport transfer company in order to make sure your vacation will be perfect from start to finish. After all, private limo transfers promise comfort and safety above all, right?

That’s the case only if you choose your company carefully. Our choice is Twelve Transfers, one of the best airport private transfer companies in the Miami area. If the name sounds familiar, there’s a high chance you’ve heard of them before – after all, they’re one of the top players in the airport transfer business in London. After more than 6 years of perfecting their airport transfer services across the ocean, they decided to expand their business here, in the sunshine state.

All those precious resources that were available in London are are now available for tourists and locals alike from the Miami area too, people that appreciate luxurious private limo transfers. These services are not something exclusive anymore, they’re becoming more and more accessible and Twelve Transfers is in the first line of making sure these services are available to everyone!

Just one of the reasons you should choose Twelve Transfers is their modern fleet of luxurious vehicles – not only that you’ll be transported safely by an experienced driver, but this is going to happen in a premium car that’s for sure going to turn heads everywhere. We’re talking about the Cadillac Escalade, the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes S Class.

Like we’ve already said, private limo transfers are not that pricey anymore – for example, Twelve Transfers ensures constantly that their prices are up to 20% lower than most of their competitors. This means not only that you’ll benefit from all the great things that Twelve has, but you’ll be able to do so with money still left in your pocket – pretty great, huh? 😊

All of these would be nothing without an experienced team behind the scenes, and this is precisely what Twelve Transfers is great at. Their customer care department is available 24/7, so no matter how early or late your plane is going to land, you’ll be able to reach them whenever you want to if you feel like something needs changing. What’s better, since all their payments are done securely online, when the moment of the transfer comes up all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

As you can see, choosing a limo from Miami Airport to Miami Beach is not that complicated or expensive anymore. All you have to do is head over to the official Twelve Transfers website and ask for a free quote for your upcoming trip!