Many studies have revealed that fish is the best brain food which contains high level of DHA omega-3. This article will talk about the benefits of taking omega-3 and will guide you on how to choose the best source.

The decline of fish consumption nowadays is the main culprit of the sprouting cases of mental abnormalities such as schizophrenia due to the lack of essential omega-3 fatty acids. Your brain is composed of almost 30 percent of DHA fats. Children who are suffering from autism and ADHD are found to have deficient of these essential fats. DHA and EPA are very important elements for our brain to promote good behavior and improve focus.

These fatty acids are noted to aid in clearing neural connections of platelet build up therefore providing quick relay of brain signals. DHA can correct people with Mind Lab Pro before and after bi-polar disorder and perk up the mood of those who are suffering from depression. Having sufficient amount of omega-3 will prevent cases of suicide and heavy depression.

The best source of omega-3 and the best brain food is the fish called Hoki that can be found in the seas of New Zealand. This type of fish is considered to be the best source of pure fish oil since they live in waters that are not contaminated with toxic metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury.

This high quality fish oil is packed into capsules for easy and convenient consumption. This fish oil supplement could be part of the best brain food that you can consume daily along with proper diet. Look for the package that contains 270 mg of DHA for every capsule to ensure best efficacy. Check also if it has passed through molecular distillation process to be sure of its purity. Fish is certainly the that you can get. To learn more about this issue, visit y website where I have a lot of information on this vital topic.