The greater part of the distributing customers of the advanced time are keen on high speed stories and Dan Brown gives them simply that. The Lost Symbol follows the tale of The Da Vinci Code straightforwardly with Dan Brown holding a similar hero, Robert Langdon – who strangely likes craftsmanship while he is on the pursued from obscure individuals his life (we are don’t know). Dan Brown has at last displayed to the world that scholarly achievement can be accomplished without expounding on witches or vampires.

Horrifying Beginning

While hanging tight for the book, intrigued perusers expected to spend endless hours while running on caffeine so they could lay their hands on their duplicate of the book as soon as could be expected. In the start of the book, the hero Robert Langdon needs to talk in a meeting where he has been welcomed by a person (his companion and coach) who needs to kick the bucket in the start of the actual book (very much like the past book). Rather than tending to the meeting, he faces a homicide scene where there are grim and frightening scenes. Clearly, the hero is bothered past idea.

The Investigation Starts

When the underlying bothering dies down, Robert Langdon chooses to examine the matter, and the conditions that prompted this homicide. Before the book was delivered, there was talk among the perusers the book dominatingly managed freemasonry (particularly comparable to Washington), and it’s valid. The popular masterpieces around Washington are brimming with imagery (the creator says as much) and the hero interprets them productively. The focal mystery of The Lost Symbol is so great it’s unrealistic as far as we’re concerned to ruin it, you’ll need to peruse the book for that.

Too Long a Gap between the Two Books

The setting of the novel is to such an extent that it sets the lost ways book it in direct rivalry with National Treasure Films (they are likewise making comparable movies, nearly). The creator Dan Brown might have lost a force because of the long hole he had between The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. As a matter of fact, a large number of his imitators are additionally prevailing in a similar market, working the same way, however they lack eye for subtleties as Dan Brown has. His insight into the well known chronicled locales is additionally unequaled and the manner in which he fosters his accounts separates him from others attempting to be like him.

Grasping Tension in All the Scenes

The clearest lowlife who endeavors to upset the endeavors of Robert Langdon all the time is Mal’ akh yet the genuine reprobate can’t be unveiled (it will be a spoiler once more). As a writer, Dan Brown has a unique gift, he can impart a feeling of strain in every one of the scenes he composes. Now and again, Dan Brown endeavors to ease up the scenes yet he is anything but a characteristic at it.

The Pace of the Book Hides Weaknesses

The narrative of the book is so quick even the shortcomings of the book get marginally disguised. However at that point assuming you are composing so many intriguing pages, you must be said thanks to for concocting one more show-stopper.